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Top story

Humans Love Dogs More Than People Says Science

Do you like your dog more than your friends? Well, you're not the only like that. A team from Northeastern University Boston and the University of Colorado Boulder published...

Hilary Gowan

Viral Comic Of Girlfriend Secretly Illustrating Her Life With Her BF Stories

We track our lives with Snapchats, Instagram posts and Facebook updates. However, Catana does that in comics. And they went famous when her bearded boyfriend secretly uploaded online, becomin

Jayson Beck

Paralyzed Bride Walking Down The Aisle At Wedding Brings Groom To Tears Stories

“I didn’t want to waste the miracle that God has given to me by just accepting the comfort,” Jaquie said in an online interview. “I wanted our wedding photos to symbolically show the long jou

Lauren Freeman

Baby Recreates Model Uncle's Poses With Hilarious Results Stories

"I took a picture and then realised I bet my brother Aris has a picture just like this on his Instagram page which is filled with modelling photos."

Jayson Beck

89-Year-Old Grandma Can't Stop Taking Selfies, Has An Expo Stories

You know who says that technology is for young people? Old people who don't want to have fun. And 89-year-old Japanese grandma Kimiko Nishimoto wants to have all the fun.

Jayson Beck

What The Shape Of Your Belly Button Says About Your Personality Stories

Well, we like to push the envelope here, so here are some semi-professional navel readings that will tell your personality from the shape of your bellybutton.

Jayson Beck

"Wedding" Photo Shoot That 5-Year-Old With Serious Heart Defect Dreamed Of Stories

“I offered maybe a few nights at an indoor water park resort if I could come up with some money,” she said online. However, Sophia's reply was “Mommy, I want to dress up and marry Hunter."

Josephine Thompson

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