10 Habits That Actually Prevent Your From Losing Weight

Lauren Freeman


Losing weight isn't easy – that's why people cheer those imgur users that show amazing before and after pictures. Doing in a healthy manner is chore and an uphill battle – and nobody wants to have some wasting disease just so that they would be slimmer (if you do, seek help). So, you know, good luck to you if you're trying to do it!

But first, chickety check yourself before inadvertently wreck yourself with your bad habits. Yes, it's possible that you have some habitual actions that work against your goal of getting thin, and they are more subtle than compulsively eating ice cream whenever temperature changes outside. So read on to find out what you should stop doing to start thinning.


Late nigh snacks

Sorry, Netflix bingers that like to have series-and-chilly before going to sleep. All that late evening/early night/middle of the night food will be metabolized very slowly, going straight to weight gain. If you're in desperate need of snacks, choose fruits and low-calorie foods.



Bad sleeping habits

Things preventing weight loss: going to bed really late, erratic sleep schedules, waking different time every day and so on. Studies show that sleep disturbance affect the balance of appetite hormones. They regulate your daily feelings of hunger. Similarly, sleep-deprived people are 55% more likely to gain weight than healthy sleepers.



No fat but “low fat.”

Low fat foods will give you only a little fat - but a lot of sugar. Recent research shows that sugar plays a much bigger role in wrecking your health than fats. And fats are necessary for stuff like vitamin absorption. Get those natural, healthy fats from avocados, nuts, whole eggs and full-fat yogurt.



Eating too fast

A study by the University of Rhode Island slow eaters consume ⅓ of what fast eaters do. That's because it takes 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that it’s full. So give it more time to give updates!




Unfortunately, there's more to losing weight than just not eating. Scientists agree: people who eat well and exercise regularly are good at keeping the weight off.



Skipping meals

If you skip meals regularly, your metabolism slows down, because it feels threatened by imminent starvation. It is also likely to make you overeat at the end of the day.



Big plates for big people

Studies demonstrate that more than 90% of obese people take larger plates when they order food. More food means more calories. Try ordering or making a small plate. If you're not satisfied when you're done with it (or 20 minutes after), you can always ask for more.



Skipping water

Drinking just two sodas a day increases chances of weight gain by 33 percent. However, a study by University of Utah shows that folks who drink two cups of water before each meal lost 30% more weight



Stress and anxiety eating

The University of Alabama showed that stress or anxiety eaters are 13 times more likely to be overweight. It's better to play videogames or go out for a walk if you're feeling stressed or anxious.




Alcohol gives you twice as many calories as proteins and carbs. And those are empty calories, too, since they contain no nutritional value. Alcohol also factors into overeating. The hypothalamus region of the brain heightens our senses and makes us want to eat without being hungry, is activated by alcohol.



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