10 Parenting Hacks That Help Raise Children On The Cheap

Josephine Thompson


Parenting isn't cheap these days, what with the prices on diapers and replacement smart phones. Is it economically viable to raise a child these days? Do you really care? However, every little bit that's a) ingenious b) helps raise the child better helps. That's why parents from around the world are sharing their tips and trick with other folks around the world so that they too could help their kids enjoy childhood... on the cheap.

Seeing how we are ever on the lookout for things that would help our wonderful readers, we have compiled this list of smart parenting hacks. They are great at keeping kids entertained, wallets full and parents more relaxed in their dealing with their offspring. So read on and enjoy! Maybe you'll be inspired to come up with life hacks of your own!


Bucket Toy Storage

source Link a few buckets for this easy and cheap storage solution.


Reused Pacifier Containers

source Take-out sauce containers can be used to carry around pacifiers in a clean and hygienic manner. After you have cleaned out the sauce, of course.


Laundry Basket Bathtub Keeper

source Keeps the child out of harm and toys from scattering.


Safety Sticker

source It's a valiant effort to gameify not moving: just tell your kid to hold their hand on the sticker while you're getting out of the car and they will have less interest in running away.


Crib Crafting Corner

source The CCC is a good way to re-use the old crib after the baby isn't such a baby anymore. Instead of throwing it away, turn it into a table for the drawings and LEGO projects.


Popsicle Cover

source Children already have sticky hands and they need no help in making them stickier. So why not use this impromptu no-stick cover?


Marshmallow Ice Pack

source Marshmallows aren't as cold as ice and they're softer, so they're great for kids.


No-Spill Bubble Wands

source Remember what we said about being sticky? This prevents the kids from getting soapy water all over everything.


Lunch-Tray Highway

source Gameification is everything, so do that with lunch trays to ensure that all meat and veggies get eaten.


Coloring Box

source If you can keep your kid inside the box (and the cat out of it), you can ensure that the walls and furniture remain squiggly-line free.


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