11 Things To Throw Away To Declutter Your Life

Lauren Freeman


We are all material creatures, in that we like to gather stuff and we loathe to give it away. We loathe throwing stuff away even more! It seems like everything we have, we want to keep, since you might not know when you might need it. Besides, we worked hard to get that stuff, damn it!

However, not all of the stuff we keep is worth keeping. You have to admit that not everything is a thing of huge historical and moral value. To that end, we could throw some things away. Here's a small list of stuff you can throw out without too much thought.


Old magazines

How likely is it that you're going to read those old magazines? You should either throw them away or donate them to places like child care centers, doctor's offices or even libraries. You can scan any articles that are meaningful to you or put them into a folder of magazine clippings.



Receipts, bills, and so on.

You probably know at least a thing or two that you can't or won't return. You can throw them away. If you're really unsure, take a photo or scan them before throwing away. Same goes with bills and other documents – not all of them have to be kept around forever!




Two-year-rule helps here: if you haven't worn it in two years, get rid of it. Sell it to a thriftstore, donate it to charity, cut it up for rags - whatever works!




If you have books that you don't plan to read or re-read, select them and dispose of them. You can sell them on places like eBay, swap them, trade them, or donate them to the library.



Medicine and vitamins

Unlike books, medicine can go bad over time, and the same goes for vitamins. Go through your medicine cabinet and take out all of the stuff that has expired. Check to see what the proper disposal methods are for each thing – drug stores should help you there!




You should also get rid of any make up or perfume you don't use, especially when it's old. Ask around the beauty stores if they have any programs for disposal or exchange.




You should get rid of any broken jewelry as well as any that you don't wear anymore, especially if it's cheap stuff that doesn't carry any sentimental value. For the more expensive stuff, you can look up appraisers and go to auction houses, pawnshops and jewelers to give you a price.




Shocking, I know, but you have to throw your old food away. Check for stuff that's old, unused and rotten. At this point, it's not doing any good, and it's only getting nastier by the minute. Terminate it before it contaminates your pantry!




Not all memories are the same, and some are not even cherished. If you want to keep old cards or memorabilia, try and fit on a designated poster or a box. Anything that doesn't fit there goes into the trash.




Note that not all notebooks contain note-worthy notes. If you have many of those laying around, go through them and chuck out the ones that don't have any pertinent data in them.




Chances are you have a laptop or a cellphone that doesn't work or some MP3 player that you don't use. Well, you can recycle electronics these days or you can sell the functional ones on the internet!



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