13 Harry Potter Characters And Their Celebrity Doppelgangers

Jayson Beck


Harry Potter has been one of the most formative experiences of our childhoods... and teenage years... and early-to-late twenties. You probably catch my drift. We all fell in love with the spunky young wizard with a lightning shaped scar and all of his magical friends. We have produced fanfics, fan art, t-shirts, mugs, video games and many more things to touch on the magic at least a little bit.

But through all that time, we didn't really have a canon depiction of the characters. People are still mad about the Harry Potter play casting a black actress as Hermione (the books never really mention the race of some characters, so cast whatever you want). However, the most solid picture of how our beloved characters look was formed by the Harry Potter movies. And then we started to notice that certain celebrities could be lookalikes for Harry Potter characters!

Famous and looking like our magical idols? Some people really have it all!


Lord Voldemort and Bradley Cooper

While Bradley Cooper is definitely a person not devoid of a nose, if we discount this small detail, we can say that he looks like the spitting image of Lord Voldemort as played by Ralph Fiennes.



Sirius Black and Vlad Dracula

Vlad is the most famous of vampires of all time, and Gary Oldman (while still a young man) played one of the most striking depictions of the blood sucker in 1992's Dracula. So it's not surprising that Sirius Black, played by Gary Oldman (now an older man) looks almost like the spitting image of the fanged Impaler.

source, source


Bellatrix Lestrange and Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci isn't a witch and isn't a very sinister figure, either. Or is she? Because she looks like a well-fed, somewhat tanned and way better groomed version of Bellatrix Lestrange. I guess Death Eaters aren't too keen about eating food.



Gandalf and Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore was played by Richard Harris right until he shuffled off his mortal coil in 2002. After that, the role went to Michael Gambon, who was avoided the touch of Avada Kedavra so far. And what do you know, Albus now looks like a close relative of Gandalf, an another famous on-screen wizard who was played by Ian McKellan.



Tom Riddle and Vladimir Putin

Tom Riddle is the young, nose-having version of Lord Voldemort. Meanwhile, young Vladimir Putin is the young, hair-having version of the comic book villain now in charge of Russia. Hope he's defeated by Russian wizard prodigy, Garry Poter, some time soon!



Uncle Vernon

Uncle Vernon is an unlikeable character - here, I made an uncontroversial statement! Also, he looks very much like the pig king from Angry Birds, only he doesn't suffer any feathered artillery attacks. Well, here's an idea for an another Harry Potter prequel, I guess!



Rubeus Hagrid and Jorge Garcia

One of them is a failed wizard, the other one was stuck on a somewhat magical island. The similarity is uncanny!



Professor Sybill Trelawney and Lady Gaga

Would Lady Gaga be seen as weird in the wizarding community? Yes, yes she would.



Luna Lovegood and Emily Kinney

Emily Kinney could have used the magic skills of Luna in her appearance on The Walking Dead. Just ride a broom above the zombies and you're good.



Severus Snape and Trent Reznor

Severus could have probably overcome all of his brooding if he had started the magical version of Nine Inch Nails. Who needs that Lilly Potter if you have magical groupies?



Draco Malfoy and Aaron Paul

Would Draco be in the drug business? You know the answer, he'd have a magical pot brewing meth in the blink of an eye.



Harry Potter and Elijah Wood

Could Frodo ever become a wizard? Would Harry be a better Quiddich player if he was a lot smaller and had hairy feet?



Ron Weasely and Ed Sheeran

Ron Weasely would love it if all of his highschool drama would culminate in becoming a heartthrob singer. Fewer dark magic duels that way, too.



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