15 Characteristics That Show You Might Belong To World’s Rarest Personality Type

Lauren Freeman


The Myers and Brigg’s system is the bomb when it comes for people determining their personality types online and summarizing them in four letters on their dating website profile. It’s based on Carl Jung’s psychoanalysis theories and it breaks down into 4 different categories; extroversion/introversion, intuition/sensing, thinking/feeling, and perceiving/judging. Judging on which side of those binaries you fall, you get your 4 letter personality type.

And wouldn't you know, INFJ personality type is supposedly the rarest (of Pokemon), Want to find out if you're the type? Skip the long, boring test (it's so long!) and read ahead to find out if you're one of those special INFJ snowflakes!


Conscious About the Future

INFJ persons don't sweat the little stuff; they're all about the bigger picture and grand scheme of things. That's why you might be super depressed about climate change!



Hard Workers

Unlike the lazy layabouts from the other personality types, INFJs are constantly working to achieve their goals. Nothing in life comes easy, so work harder while also working smarter.



Trust Their Gut

The "N" in INFJ stands for "iNtuition" ("Introversion" had already snagged the "I"). So these people are more likely to act on their intuition... even if it's not always right.



Truth Seeking

INFJ individuals could spend an entire night just staring into the stars, in deep conversations and other investigative stuff. More than anyone, they want to know how life and universe works.



Selective Friendships

This comes with the "introversion" territory, so they don't really enjoy being in large groups of people. They also only maintain contact with people who share the same values. They're kinda immune to fake friends.



Sensitive and Empathetic

INFJ are all about about feeling. They will help you out, because they can put themselves in your shoes and understand how you're feeling.



Reading People

It's hard to manipulate an INFJ and they wouldn't fall for just any old internet article! They can see through people words and actions, so that's why they're really good at weeding out fake friends.




Well, we already mentioned introversion. They go out for walks or a coffee alone because they like to get some time alone to get in touch with themselves.



Emotional Swings

Well, they're people of feelings, and they can go from 0 to 100 (or hero) at the drop of the hat.



All or Nothing

Quality over quantity is a not an easy principle to live life by, but they believe that if you're not the best at something you're doing, you shouldn't. Do or do not, there is no try.




They might not have a gun, but their yearning to learn the truth does them well in solving problems.




Talking is, like, such an extrovert thing to do. INFJs don't talk much, but boy can they write!




They are quiet and kind, stable and practical.




Their quite idealism, creativity and enthusiasm will inspire you... provided you can witness them if they accepted you as a friend.




They love thinking about new ideas and sharing them with their friends.



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