15 Weirdest Things Airport Security Has Found In Our Bags

Lauren Freeman


We all know that TSA is kinda useless. Far from preventing any real acts of terror, it acts as money funnel for corporations engaged in the scheme. It's full of unqualified people doing work that's full of gross invasions of privacy. It also makes getting on a plane a real hassle, which is the worst of all!

But sometimes airport security does catch some people trying to smuggle in weird stuff. Luckily for us, there's no law preventing them from sharing the news of these discovers with the public. Let's have some fun then, shall we?


Human Skull Fragments

A passenger returning from Cuba was found to have shards of a human skulls inside some wrapped ceramic pottery.



A Dead Guy

Two women tried smuggling the corpse of a 91-year-old man onto a flight to Berlin at the John Lennon airport. The guy had been placed in a wheelchair and sunglasses were used to hide his dead eyes.




Some empty, corroded antique grenades were among the luggafe of one silly passenger.



240 Live Fish

Explosives team called in to investigate four suitcases that were showing abnormal scans - and found 240 various lives fish packed in them! The passenger had bought them at a local pet store and tried to take them home.



A Boomerang

In 2002, Bradley International Airport in Connecticut arrested a professional boomerang competitor as security officials didn't believe that her dozen of boomerangs were safe enough for travel.



247 Exotic Snakes

A 51-year-old shocked airport security by opening a bag with 247 exotic reptiles packed in plastic boxes and even socks! He is thought to be a part of a smuggling ring that deals in exotic pets.



18 Severed Heads

They were traveling from from Rome to research facility in Chicago to be cremated, but there was an issue with the paperwork!



A Baby

One family was forbidden entry into the UAE since their baby didn't have a visa. They were told to wait at the airport for two days while the paperworks was processed. The impatient father then tried to smuggle the baby in a handbag!



Samurai Sword

You can only have swords and blade in checked luggage. But one smart guy still tried to bring in a sword in his carry-on lugage.



A Suicide Vest

A suicide vest, two guns and an old military manual on explosive devices were found in suitcase. However, this wasn't a terrorist plot - those were just replicas some guy used in LARPs!



A Loaded Gun

This guy thought that his license to carry a gun allowed him to carry the pistol on the plane.



A Bazooka Round

A World War II-era bazooka round was found in a checked bag at Chicago O'Hare Airport... or on the bag, as that's where the passenger had placed it.



A Live Human Being

An 8 year old boy from Ivory Coast was found inside a suitcase bound for Spain from Morocco. The 19-year-old woman carrying it wasn't a relative - she was paid by the boys father to smuggle him into the country.



A Dog

A woman managed to smuggle a dog through security in Israel and was only removed from the plane when some passenger notified the authorities about it.



A "Corpse"

Someone tried to take a prop from the 2003 horror film Texas Chainsaw Massacre onto the plane!



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