16 Signs Of Too High Blood Sugar Level

Hilary Gowan


Sugar is the mind killer, it's the sweet death that brings total obliteration. Those are the truths we uncovered after we pierced the veil of secrecy put up by Big Sugar that blamed fat on all the ills. Sugar, apparently, needs to be used even more sparingly than it was before, seeing how it's tied to more ills than just cavities in tooth paste commercials. Consuming a lot of sugar can also lead to high blood sugar, which isn't a great condition. But barring blood tests, how does one know that one has high blood sugar? Well, there are ways to find out without looking for a diabetic vampire. Read on and see if you match any of the symptoms.


Excessive (Nightly) Urination

While it's possible that you pee a lot because you fell for the sufficient hydration fad and drink a lot, high blood sugar makes it easier for you to contract urinary tract infections, which lead to frequent peeing.



Blurred Vision

Temporary blurred vision can be the result of high blood sugar. This is caused by the lens in the eyes to swell up.



Difficulty Concentrating

Insulin is what takes glucose from bloodstream to cells. High blood sugar prevents this natural body function and that's why you feel tired and can’t concentrate properly.



Dry Mouth

High glucose levels in your blood and saliva makes your mouth dry.




Poor long-term blood sugar control damages the nerves and the blood vessels, which can lead to impotence in men.



Recurrent Infections

Dysfunction of the thyroid, adrenal and pituitary glands as well as numerous diseases in the pancreas can be a sign of high blood sugar.



Slow Wounds

High blood sugar can cause even the smallest cuts and bruises to take ages to heal. All those damaged nerves and blood vessels make it hard for blood to reach the wound area for healing.



Stomach Issues

Bloating, distention, abdominal pain, nausea, or vomiting can all be caused by high blood sugar levels preventing your stomach from emptying in good time.



Constant Fatigue and Tiredness

This ties in to the effects of high blood sugar on your thyroid gland.



Always Thirsty

Your kidneys need water to filter and absorb all the excess sugar. This means you need more fluid in your system, which means you get thirsty.



Dry and Itchy Skin

Poor blood circulation – surprise, caused by high blood sugar levels – can cause itchy skin, especially in the lower part of your legs.



Constant Hunger

Unless you naturally have a great appetite, you might be lacking the hormone incretin. It reduces the flow of sugar from the liver – if you lack it, food empties quicker, and you'll feel hungry sooner.



Excess Abdominal Weight/Fat

The calories that you have consumed were not transported to cells to turn into energy, so you feel hungry faster... and the excess energy is stored.



Nerve Problems

I believe we already mentioned the damage high blood sugar does to the nerve endings? That's because nutrients don't get there in time or required quantities.



Skin Changes

Discoloration and certain growths on your skin might be a sign of high blood sugar (or Chaos corruption). Dark areas of skin on the back of your hands and neck might also appear.



Tingling and Numbness

Again, it's all about the nerve damage!



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