16 Worst Possible Mistakes In Living Room Design

Josephine Thompson


Ah, home: it's our primary means of not dying to exposure and storing all the crap we have bought (you can't throw away those Shakeweights!). And since our humble abodes need not look that humble, we can always add some flair to them with a few chosen accessories and maybe a footstool from Ikea.

However, there are many, many ways to mess up your entire room (or house) by making some simple mistakes that aren't that obvious. You would know that having a hole in the roof is bad, but what do you really know about lighting? Read on and find out!


Only upper lighting in your living room

If you want to create an atmosphere that matches your mood, you need more than a central chandelier. Set up an entire system of lights: reading, wall, and floor lamps, ceiling lights, Christmas lights, whatever.



No/wrong size carpet

A large rug extends the space visually and finishes the room. Meanwhile, a small rug looks like a refugee from the bathroom or something for the cat to sleep on.



TV in the wrong spot

Don't put a TV in front or near the window – the interplay of light is bad for your eyes. The best place for a TV is on a blank wall. Then you measure the distance between the TV and sofa: the optimal distance is equal to 3-5 diagonals.



Cushions misplaced

You create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere via sofa cushions. So be mindful of their material and texture, as they are to match your sofa and armchairs. So if you have velvet or velour covered stuff, don't get cotton or linen cushions.



Sofa by the wall

If you have a large room, place the sofa away from the wall. This way, you'll enlarge the space visually and create comfort.



Dark furniture and low ceilings

Dark furniture makes a room with a low ceiling look squat and cramped. Get some compact sofas and tables on raised legs. Get them in neutral light shades.



Choosing furniture by fashion

You might have chosen a nice piece of furniture because it looks fashionable, but it might turn out to be not that comfortable. That's why you should try it before you buy it! You don't wanna crowd your house with unused furniture, do you?



Irrelevant furniture

Furniture fashions come and go; for example, bulky furniture went out of fashion a long time ago. Now it's all straight lines and sharp silhouettes. But you might get a traditional sofa, just take it modern colors.



Poorly photo positioning

You can mess up after the pictures are taken and developed, too! The perfect height is 153 cm from floor level to the center of the image. If you have a lot of photos, get hanging gallery instead of crowding the room with frames.



Large furniture

Don't stuff a room with oversize furniture, especially sofas. This makes the room look smaller. If your room is small, get a two seater sofa and a couple of armchairs!



No living room functionality

Rectangular rooms can be given some better shape with cabinets or racks. A square room is easier to work with. Some zoning ideas for rooms:

• Living room and bedroom — since sleeping area should be further from the entrance, the bedroom should be close to a window.
• Living room and kitchen — kitchen needs the light of the window more, so arrange your stuff like that.
• Living room and dining room — these two functions fit a single room perfectly.
• Living room and home office — add another light source, and you can carve out some office space in a small corner.



Not stressing the center of room

A fireplace, a work of art, a mirror, wallpaper — anything that attracts attention can be the main aspect of the room. Otherwise, you can make the rest of the room into a focal area when using contrasting colors, prints and mixing complex tones.



Plants in small pots

A room will look bigger and cozier with a large plant in a pot than with a lot of tiny potted plants on the window sill.



Furniture covers

Change the covers of your furniture to transform your room into something stylish and modern.



One style only

If you strictly follow a single style of decor, you make your room look cold and trite. Try mixing styles to make it more original!




Hang curtains as high and as wide as possible: this will make your ceilings seem higher, while also making your living room larger. Get them in a brighter, more saturated color than the rest of the room.


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