22 Most Cursed And Haunted Objects In The World

Lauren Freeman


Haunted houses: you might even know one in your neighborhood! They always incite our senses and make us interested – or little bit spooked. However, we can be safe in the knowledge that haunted houses can't really move, so they pose little danger of bringing their otherworldly dangers to us.

However, items can also be cursed! All sorts of things can be hosts to foul spirits, dark spells and just curses. Sometimes, it would be really hard to avoid them. However, they are usually a little infamous, so unless you're the person that's going to start a bloody story of a cursed chair, you'd have easier time avoiding it. Here are some of the most haunted items in the world.


Maori Mask


Pregnant or menstruating women shouldn't get close to a Maori mask, which was made by New Zealand natives to house the souls of fallen warriors.


Robert The Doll


Robert the Doll is said to be possessed by demons. Named after Robert Eugene Otto, one of it's owners, it was originally gifted by a Bahaman servant to a wealthy patron who was later sacrificed in a voodoo ritual.


The Eye of Brahma


It is said that his black diamond was cursed because it was stolen from a Hindu temple. Many of its female owners committed suicide. Trying to avoid similar bad fate, the new owner Charles F. Winson had the diamond split into three pieces.


The Crying Boy


There's an English reproduction of Bruno Amadio's "The Crying Boy" that supposedly causes house fires, mysteriously remaining the only object untouched by the flames.


Delhi Purple Sapphire


This amethyst was stolen from an another Hindu temple (don't people ever learn). All the owners and their families suffered either medically of financially.


The Myrtles Manor and Mirror

The Myrtles Plantation has the dubious honor of being a plantation (a place of much suffering), being built on a Native American burial ground, and also the location of about ten murders. It's likely to be one of the most haunted places in the U.S. and the creepiest item there is the mirrors that supposedly contains the spirits of Sara Woodruff and her children, who died of poisoning.



"Little Bastard"


"Little Bastard" was the car that James Dean drove to his death. It was taken apart for parts, but each of them caused deaths and accidents for the owners and people around them.


The Hope Diamond


This diamond is said to be the source of misfortune for its owners, who would be ripped apart by angry mobs or dogs. However, the Smithsonian National Museum is unlikely to fall victim to dogs, so now its housed there.


Blarney Stone


The Blarney Stone is said to give you good luck if you kiss it, but chipping it can results in job loss, health complications and bankruptcy (Americans, beware!)


Anne Baker's Wedding Dress


Anne Baker's was shot away by her father. The wedding dress remained unused, and probably angry about it, which is why it is said to move on it's own during full moon. Try and catch it in the Baker Mansion Museum.


"The Anguished Man"


It is said the unknown painter of this piece used his own blood and killed himself after he was done. The Robinson family claims to have experienced strange phenomena, such as seeing a shadowy figure in their house.


Tutankhamun's Curse


Tutankhamun's tomb is said to curse anyone who enters it. This did not bode well for Howard Carter's expedition which uncovered said tomb. His financial backer died from a mosquito bite and 20 of the expedition member perished by 1935.


The Busby Stoop Chair


It is said that anyone who sits in this char will die in accident. The original victim, however, was murdered by alcoholic Thomas Busby, who killed his father-in-law in 1702 for sitting in this chair.


Annabelle the Doll


This puppet now resides in Warren's Occult Museum, and is declared to be possessed by demons. Previously it used to leave creepy messages for the owner and seemed to move from the place she was left at.


Belcourt Castle's Chairs


It's no surprise that Belcourt Castle is claimed to be haunted – it is a castle, after all – but the two chairs seemed to be the most haunted objects there. It's claimed that they move on their own and kick out people sitting in them.


“Elmo Knows Your Name”


Elmo – the popular Sesame street character – had a doll programmed to memorize his owner's name. Little James Bowman was a fan of Elmo, but that stopped when his puppet started chanting "Kill James," making his mom throw away the accursed toy.


Letta the Romani Doll


A Romani man made Letta for his son. Unfortunately, the boy drowned and is said to possess the doll. Supposedly, the toy has a pulse, causes the feeling of grief in people and causes rains when taken outside.


The Dibbuk Box


A dybbuk (an evil spirit) was said to have been summoned and locked inside of a wine cabinet by A Holocaust. Every owner of it would go on to suffer from nightmares, stroke or some skin disease.


+359 888 888 888


It is said that all of the owned of his number died a sudden death. This includes two Bulgarian mobsters who were shot (to be fair, not an unusual way to go for a mobster) and CEO of a mobile company who died of cancer at the age of 48.


“The Hands Resist Him”


EBay claims that "The Hands Resist Him", a Bill Stoneham's painting from 1972, is cursed (and was found behind an old brewery). The seller alleges that the figures in can move and even leave their frame, like in creepy Harry Potter.


The Terracotta Army


Chinese farmers stumbled upon the 2,200-year-old terracotta army while digging a well. The Chinese government then confiscated the land for excavations and the farmers decided that the army is cursed.


The Uluru Rock

The Uluru is a huge rock in the Australian outback that is sacred to the aboriginals. It's illegal to export the Uluru rock chunks, but some people have still tried doing it. However, they were stricken by bad luck and sent the bits back with apology letters.



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