4 Steps To Calm Someone Angry At You Down And Make Them Nice

Lauren Freeman


It is inevitable that eventually someone will get angry with us over something. That's just the nature of mankind, to get passionate and angry over something, and there's very little we can do about it. Even if you don't have opinions or don't do anything, you'll eventually end up making someone angry with your impassivity.

However, there are ways to fix the situation! Here are four semi-simple steps that will make someone who is angry at you mellow out. I hope this saves you from a sticky situation! On the other hand, this is not license for you to act like ass!


Don’t Retaliate

source Avoid retaliation! Attack back seems like it will make you feel better, but will only make the person angrier and that is counter productive to our goal. Never repay an angry action with another angry action. Swallow your pride and try to move past this. And be careful not to appear (or be) sarcastic, as this will only make things worse.


Demonstrate Care

source Show the person angry at you that you care about their situation. Listen to what they say and you might find that all of this fuss comes from a misunderstanding. Try some of these lines:
What’s wrong? Maybe I can help.
I’m sorry you feel that way. Is there anything I can do about it?
This should have happened. How are you feeling?
It's the road towards helping them see past the problem and talking it out.


Humanise Yourself

source Make yourself seem more human. Explain how their anger makes you feel: scared, confused, or anxious. Let them know that you mean them no harm with your words or actions.


Lighten the Mood

source Lightening the mood is risky, but it can make someone angry less. So consider telling a good joke or giving them your most well meaning smile. Maybe try to bring in some perspective to show that isn’t really that big of a deal. However, there's always a time and a place when this method should be used.


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