6 Signs That Your Body Needs Help

Lauren Freeman


Your body is a really interesting and somewhat robust system of systems all doing their darnest not to die (most of the time, anyways). There's a lot of industry going to keep you living, breathing and posting on the internet. The process is so vast that you might not even be able to grasp its size and complexity yourself.

However, you can notice when things start going wrong. But not all signs of your body going haywire are as obvious as bleeding sores or whatever. Sometimes, even innocent looking stuff might mean that you need to take care of yourself better. Here are some signs that you should be on the look out for.


Patchy and irritable skin

This might be a sign that you're not drinking enough water – or not taking good care of your skin. Improve your diet with some butternut squash and olive oil, and start using moisturizers!




That's what this nasty thing is! It indicates that you have a likely shortage of Vitamin C. Kale, grapefruit and red peppers are some of the things you can eat to get rid of it.



Brittle hair and nail

Someone isn't getting enough Vitamin B and Calcium. You should try enriching your diet with avocados, almonds, oranges and collard greens!



Taste of blood

Poor oral hygiene and a lack of Vitamin C might leave you tasting blood in your mouth. You'll have to deal with oral hygiene yourself, but you should also add kale and red peppers to your diet



Inability to sleep

You should try adjusting your sleep routine (like always going to sleep at the same time). You can also add magnesium to your diet via green and leafy vegetables.




If you know what you crave, you know what your body needs. If you crave salty food, you might have chloride deficiency – reach out for celery, not chips! Sweet cravings show a sugar deficiency, so if you're not diabetic, grab a sweet.



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