7 Foods That Will Accelerate Your Hair Growth

Lauren Freeman


Who wants to have more hair on their head? Probably everyone, and especially people who are going bald. But how can one achieve this dream that has haunted humans since the times immemorial? Is going to a shady Eastern European clinic to have a hair follicle transplant from some tracksuited thug the only way to great hair?

Fortunately, there are ways to encourage hair growth without resorting to trips to Bulgaria or buying snake oil tonics of dubious quality. You can actually eat your way to great hair! As hair is a part of your body, their development is influenced by what you eat. So what snacks will leave you hairier than a lead singer in a hair metal band?




Omega-3 fatty acids strengthen hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. Science also shows that these acids shorten the telogen phase - the resting period of hair follicles - for half a year. Salmon also contains vitamin B12 and iron, which speed up the hair growth.




An oyster a day has all the zinc you need, and the element both improves hair growth and gives it shine. Other, less outlandish sources of zinc are wheat bran, beef (try the liver), and pork.




Chicken is full of animal protein, needed for the production of keratin (the hair shaft is made up of by 80% keratin). The protein can also be found in other lean varieties of meat, like turkey and rabbit.




Eggs contain protein and biotin. Biotin is recommended to stop hair loss. Leucine is also found in eggs - it does well for cell division - and there are helpful amino acids, too.




Almonds contain a wealth of vitamin E, encouraging hair growth and strengthening them. You can get 70% of your daily norm from 30 grams of almonds (about 15-20 nuts) contains 70% of the daily norm. In addition, almonds contain such useful substances as biotin, fatty acids, and B vitamins.


Pumpkin seeds


Vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B4, responsible for hair growth, are all found in pumpkin seeds. The same can be said about B5 and B6, providing scalp health. Include more pumpkin oil in your diet if you're experiencing hair loss. Science says it helps even in the worst cases!




Short of eating an iron bar, lentils are the best food for gaining iron. It is super important for healthy hair growth. A bowl of lentil soup contains about half the daily dose. It also contains zinc (remember that?), choline (to normalizes the blood supply to the scalp), and other useful stuff.

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