9 Apps That Might Indicate That Your Partner Is Cheating

Hilary Gowan


Cheating is as old as the world. And it has rarely ever been considered a good thing, even going back to the dawn of time. Cheating is taking a relationship between two people and deciding, just by yourself, that you can do what you want with it. Breaking someone else's trust? Well, they deserve it... for reasons, or whatever. The important thing is that your egotism got stroked.

The digital age should have made cheating harder, right? Everything leaves a trace these days! However, there are companies and creators out there that are working to fulfill the digital needs of cheaters. And you thought AshelyMadison was something special! Now, check out these apps that might indicate that your special someone is a cheating someone!


Private Photo

This sneaky little app has a calculator-like icon. Open it, and you'll be prompted to enter a password. Get it right, and the app will reveal a secret photo gallery. So how do you tell it apart from a regular calculator app that was likely pre-installed on the phone? The phony one has a percentage symbol in the bottom right corner, where division symbol would normally be.



Tiger Texts

This app hides texts by giving them a time limit, just like Snapchat! The messages cannot be saved, copied or forwarded, so it's a great way to send stuff without being found out (besides screenshots, I guess).



Nosy Trap

Nosy Trap is actually meant to catch people trying to catch cheaters. A user can enable the app when they leave their phone unattended. The app then shows a fake iPhone background, but if you enter the wrong password, the front facing camera will take a picture of you!



Fox Private Message

This app has an interesting desperation mode, as it deletes all messages if the phone is shaken (in the hand, for example). It also permits the user to enter some phone numbers are "private contacts," which routes messages from that contact straight to the app, bypassing the normal inbox.




If a cheater is busy, like cheating and doesn't want to pick up the phone when their suspicious partner is calling, they can use Slydial! A cheater can call their partner back, but the call will go straight to voicemail. This will make it appear that they actually tried calling back!



Black SMS

Great news for people who like sending nudes! This app converts messages into black images. You need to enter a secret password to uncover the true image! While this app might make your phone look like a CIA file, at least it keeps it more low key than open nudity would.




For a busy cheater on the go, this app can keep a calendar of mistresses (or whatever their male equivalent is). A user can enter who they're meeting, where and when, store contact information, and even enter date measurement stats (like how good the sex was).




Now we're getting into some spy-grade stuff. It can un-send the messages after they're sent, it can encrypt messages and even put them on a self destruct timer. All of the user's personal data is kept in an encrypted vault. They can even set up a decoy password!



Lookout Security & Antivirus

Sometimes, you just need to burn it all down. This app can, with a press of a button, wipe a phone of all messages, pictures and other incriminating stuff. Now that's a nuclear option!



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