9 Tricks For Surviving Dangerous Situations

Lauren Freeman


As a rule, our lives are civilized and cozy. Natural disasters aside, we are kinda safe from the dangers of the natural world. Our roofs and ceilings keep the sun and the rain at bay. Our walls protect us from the chilly winds and snowdrifts. We have systems to make our homes cool or warm. Dangerous beasts have mostly been banished from our cities (except for Australia, I guess). We're living large and living safe.

However, one might never know when they might get themselves lost and facing nature's wrath. Who knows what safe activities might go astray? That's why this list was compiled to give you an edge in some of those edge cases. A prepared person is a survivor and a survivor is a returning reader! And we do love our readers!


Start a fire with a phone battery.


If you're lost to the point where you can't get reception or the battery is dead, the phone is only so much dead weight. Many smartphones and tablets have a Li-ion (lithium) batteries. When pierced with something sharp, a chemical reaction occurs in them that stars a fire. Just have some firewood ready.


Escape a rip tide.


A rip current, rip tide or just a rip can occur when swimming in the sea. When one starts getting rapidly taken away from the shore, one wants to swim back. However, that way, you'll only get tired and further from the shore. What you need to do is to swim parallel or diagonally to the shore. Rip tides are not that wide, and thus you can save your life by swimming out of it.


Run away from a crocodile.

Crocodiles, graceless as they are, can run faster than a human when moving in a straight line. Fortunately, they are bad at turning corners and will let prey get away if they are constantly losing sight of them. If a crock is chasing you, run in zigzags.



Jellyfish stings

Getting stung by a jellyfish can cause neurogenic shock, an allergic reaction, and a strong intoxication of the body. If that happens to you, immediately clean the wound, and remove any remains of the tentacles. Don’t touch the tentacle bits with your bare hands to avoid further stinging. Then you should wash the area with salt water - fresh water would only activate the stinging cells. Afterward, apply a compress of apple cider vinegar or alcohol to remove toxins. Stay hydrated and see a doctor.



The rules of 3.

The rules of 3 measure the average survival of a person under certain threatening conditions:

3 minutes without air, on average, until a person loses consciousness;
3 days without water before you reach life-threatening dehydration;
3 weeks without food before causing serious damage to health (sometimes, the body can adapt to make do without food for a month).

Set priorities accordingly.



Glue a wound.

If you cut your hand and there are no bandages left, you can use super glue to close the wound. It also disinfects it! However, you should still visit a doctor now that you're not bleeding.



Don’t eat snow to quench thirst.

Don't eat snow to quench your thirst in winter. This is important in a survival situation, since the cold snow will cool your body, which will then need to spend additional energy to keep warm. That's a waste of energy that will make you freeze sooner. Better to wait for the snow to melt before drinking the resulting water.



Burning pan.

A frying pan left unattended on the stove can catch fire in no time! This is the result of oil getting too hot - and that's why you shouldn't try dousing it with water. The fire will just grow bigger, and hot oil will splash everywhere. For small fires, use baking soda, as it absorbs oxygen. You can also cover the pan with a dense cotton cloth, like a blanket or a stack of t-shirts. Sure, they will be ruined, but not as much as when the house burns down!



Deep cuts.

While you might want to remove shards or other objects that have caused (and become wedged in) large cuts, don't. The shard is actually blocking punctured blood vessels, which is preventing you from bleeding out. Leave it inside until you receive medical attention.



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