Dying Woman Beats Cancer With Turmeric

Hilary Gowan


Dieneke Ferguson had fought blood cancer for five years – and she was in a serious relapse with little hope for a cure.

"I have been on all sorts of toxic drugs and the side-effects were terrifying," she said in an online interview. "At one point I lost my memory for three days, and in 2008 two of the vertebrae in my spine collapsed so I couldn’t walk. They injected some kind of concrete into my spine to keep it stable."

Then she tried curcumin, a key component of the spice turmeric. And kicked cancer's ass so thoroughly that her case was reported the pages of British Medical Journal.


"When you review her chart, there’s no alternative explanation [for her recovery] other than we’re seeing a response to curcumin," said Jamie Cavenagh, professor of blood diseases at London’s Barts Hospital and co-author of the report.


Dieneke's daily norm is 8g of curcumin in tablet form: that's like two teaspoons of pure powdered curcumin. It would be impossible to eat enough of it in turmeric form.


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