Gruesome Skin Cancer Photos Shared By Mom To Encourage Sunscreen Use

Lauren Freeman


Bethany Greenway was never a fan of tanning beds of excessive sun bathing. However, everything changed during her pregnancy in 2014. A spot appeared on her forehead that looked like a liver spot. It didn't look that unusual on Bethany's freckled face, and she wrote it off as pregnancy hormones. However, a mole started growing in the center of the spot, and there was aching above her left eye.

Remembering that her mom had melanoma when she was about her age, Bethany booked a visit to the dock. Biopsy showed that it was a desmoplastic melanoma, light-colored lesion rare form that is easily misdiagnosed since it doesn't look darker than the surrounding skin.


In her battle with cancer, Bethany had two surgeries last year to remove both skin and muscle on her face, and a lymph node behind her ear. Her left eyebrow is gone. The wound was covered with skin grafted from her thigh. Doctors temporarily sewed a compression sponge on her face to speed up healing.


Bethany kept her process documented by posting public photos on her Facebook page "For me, it's worth it to go through this year of suffering for another 50 or 60 years of watching my children grow up and being present for my kids and my husband," she said in an online interview.


It will be a decade before she is declared in remission. Now, she wears a lot of sunscreen and hats. "Please stop sunbathing and going to tanning salons," she said. "A tan isn't a healthy glow — it's damaged skin."



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