Lottery Winner Mom Donates Money To Her Pastor, He Sues Her For More

Oliver Brown


Marie Holmes from North Carolina is a mother of four children, had to work several jobs to make ends meet. At the edge of her rope, she tried the Powerball lottery. And she won $188 million back in 2015. Marie took out her winnings as a $127 million lump sum. Unsurprisingly, this windfall made Marie want to give something to the church that supported her during her times, and Pastor Kevin Mathews who gave her counseling.


So Marie gave the church $700,000 to buy land for a new retreat center. However, the pastor claimed that she had promised twice as much money – and sued her! “The bottom line… I just want her to do what she said she was going to do," he claimed in an interview. "I want peace and to do what God told me to do. I want her to do what she said she was going to do. I really feel like a warrior for Christ and people need to be accountable.” And what's even more surprising is that he was successful: the court made Marie pay a $10 million settlement.


This was not the end of Marie's troubles. She had to pay $21 million to bail her partner, Lamar McDow, out of jail. While he was arrested under the suspicion that he's a drug dealer, the couple claims that this event was fueled by racism of the neighbors of their new estate. “We are a couple, and I am the father of her youngest child. This is what people do for each other," said Lamar. "She has the money and she can do what she wants with it. If I had that money then I would do the same for her. People are just jealous because of how much she won and people want to see me locked in jail.”


Thankfully, not everyone is simply gunning for Maries money. She is about to receive help from Iyanla Vanzant, the host of the show, Fix My Life. “It is my intention to show Marie that hers is not a problem of wealth. It is a problem of maturity, of self-respect and of dignity,” said Iyanla.


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