Melt Your Heart With Story Of Boy Born Almost Without A Brain - And His Loving Parents

Josephine Thompson


When Britanny Buell was in her 23rd week of pregnancy, the doctors started making careful mentions of the possibility of "termination" - a word considered less loaded than "abortion." Poor little Jaxon had issues with his head – in that it was almost non developing. This had first shocked an ultrasound technician when they were making the first scan. However, Britanny persevered and gave birth.

And Jaxon survived! In Fact, he continues doing that day by day, and is now over a year old. Britanny said she never considered 'termination' - although she would have maybe done it if there had been concerns that the baby would only live in pain or that there would be risk to her life during birth.


"We're Christian, and we believe in what we believe in," said Brandon Buell, Jaxon's father. "But we're still going to do what's best for our family, for Britanny and, ultimately, for Jaxon." Doctors don't have a prognosis and they are surprised that Jaxon has made it thus far - but with the love of his parents, who knows where the limits are?



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