Mom Faces Criticism For 9-Year-Old Drag Queen Son

Josephine Thompson


While RuPaul’s Drag Race has done a lot to normalize drag, this does not shield nine-year-old Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden from Montreal, going by the drag name Lactatia, from criticism. He's been supposedly dressing up ever since he saw RuPaul's Drag Race at seven. The kid claims to have always had a passion for makeup and women’s clothes. Nemis’ mom Jessica says that he first asked for make up when he was just two years old. Nemis also says that he’s been “wearing my sister’s tutus since I was like three or four”.

Nemis came to the public eye when Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio noticed him in the crowd at her ‘Werq the World Tour’ and invited him onstage, where she praised both his outfit and his supportive mom.


However, the viewers of British TV show This Morning, where Nemis appeared via a live link, had different ideas.


They criticized Jessica for allowing Nemis to take part in such an adult pursuit.


Some even said that she was sexualising her son. “Disgusting that children that young are being sexualised by their parents, it’s not right," wrote one Twitter user.


However, Nemis doesn't care. “I love [drag queens] because they do what they want to do and they aren’t afraid to do it,” Nemis said. “I think I’ve had Lactatia inside of me since I was born,” he added. “And that’s why I love that song ‘Born This Way’.”


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