Nervour Singer Kills It In TV Show Audition With A Song From Grandpa's Funeral

Hilary Gowan


X Factor provides us with a lot of videos of people who come before the audience and the judges with an inflated sense of ego - and vastly overrated singing abilities. All of those audio criminals claim that they love to sing and that everyone keeps complimenting them. This wasn't the case with Christopher Maloney who auditioned in Liverpool for the ninth series of The X Factor.

He was professional singer prior to auditioning, but he still had to fight the nerves on stage. He had previously wanted to audition for the show multiple times, but the criticism by the people around him kept him from doing it. Finally, Christopher managed to summon enough courage to sing Bette Midler's "The Rose". Maybe it was the fact that his grandma was there to support him, maybe because that song playing during his granddad's funeral, but he killed it and people started clapping even before he stopped singing!


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