Science Says Your Eye Color Does Show Your Personality

Lauren Freeman


Eyes are the windows of the soul... and frontal lobe! Scientists at Orebro University in Sweden tested 428 participants and found that eye color is affected by the genes that form our frontal lobes - which means that people with the same color of irises share some character traits! “The eye is so closely linked neurologically to the brain that you might call it the only part of our brain you can see from the outside. It seems to hold vital clues to our brain function,” says Dr. Anthony Fallone of Edinburgh University, who's also interested in this area of research.

So, what did the scientists discover to be hiding behind the color of our eyes?


Dark Brown/Black Eyes:

Those are the eyes of a natural born leader. A study in Current Psychology has also showed that people with darker eyes are seen as more agreeable. Darker eyes have more melanin in one's system, and a study in journal Personality and Individual Differences claims that dark eyed folk tend to drink considerably less than those with lighter eyes. They're also better at target-hitting sports (tennis, golf, beer pong, etc.). Since melanin is an insulator for brain cells, those cells work faster!



Blue Eyes:

Just like some white dragon, they posses inner and physical strength. However, a 2006 study by German psychologists found that blue-eyed children tended to be wary of new things and were a lot less lopen around their peers. Meanwhile, a report in Medical Daily shows that blue eyed people are perceived as being “competitive” and even “egotistical.”


On the other hand, a University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine study claims that women light colored eyes are better at tolerating the pain of childbirth than others. “In a study involving 58 pregnant women — 24 with dark-colored eyes and 24 with light-colored eyes — those with lighter eyes achieved greater reductions in postpartum anxiety, depression, and catastrophizing/rumination,” said Dr. Inna Belfer of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.


Gray Eyes

Gray eyes are just a lighter variation of blue. And according to Tech Museum of Innovation, dark gray eyes have more melanin in the front of the eyes, while pale, light gray eyes have less. You're either a very balanced person, or you go into extremes easily.



Hazel eyes

According to the Eye Doctor Guide, hazel eyes can appear to change color from green to brown, or the iris might have two different colors. This is a rare color that marks you as a special individual. On the other hand, Dr. Matthew Leach of the University of South Australia holds the opinion that eye color mixing is the result of liver imbalance causing certain materials to enter the bloodstream that cause it. So such people might have liver issues.



Brown eyes

Here are those melanin rich eyes again, described by The Charles University in Prague as generally very loyal, respectful, and gentle people, but not submissive. However, the journal Chronobiology International found out that brown-eyed people get two less hours of sleep than people with lighter eyes and they suffer from shorter sleep cycles.



Green Eyes

Green eyes may or may not mean that you're a cat. A study by the Impulse Corporation in Los Angeles found out that people with green eyes were most usually described as “sexy.” The balance of melanin in green eyes makes them agreeable and dominant like brown-eyed people, but as strong and cautious like those with blue eyes.


Ophthalmologist Surgeon Doctor Hamadi Kallel says that people with green eyes “have an air of mystery and a quiet self-sufficiency. [They are] often unpredictable, but slow to anger… They are original, creative and perform well under great pressure.”


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