21-Year-Old Artist Turns Our Body Flaws Into Colorful Art Stories

The artist highlights the more obscure aspects of the human bodies and show women that they have nothing to be ashamed

Lauren Freeman

Check Your Nails For These 8 Signs of Health Issues Stories

However, fashionable as we are, we should still take a look at our nails now and then to see if they show any indicators that are saying something about our health.

Lauren Freeman

6 Alarming Signs Of Liver Damage That Should Scare You Stories

Here are some symptoms that show up if your gut filter is having some issues. See the doc if you have them!

Hilary Gowan

Curvy Model Absolutely Nails Kim Kardashian's And Rita Ora's Nude Poses Stories

Livia Matthews is out there to prove that being plus sized does not prevent one from being a glamorous model. To that end, she had recreated famous nude pictures from our celebrities.

Lauren Freeman

20 Personal Challenges You Should Do In 2018 Stories

Just challenge yourself with one itemised list of things and if you carry on with it, your life will have improved eventually. Here are 20 challenges that you could – and should - try out!

Lauren Freeman

Photoshoot Celebrating Bodies Of Those Bullied For Not Conforming Stories

Photographer creates project, called "Normal" with people who do not conform to the regular standards of beauty. The result is outstanding!

Lauren Freeman

Roller-Coaster Crash Victim Feared She Would Never Wear A Bikini Again Stories

“The first time I wore the bikini was so nerve-wracking," recounted Leah.

Hilary Gowan

Girl Dances To Wiggle To Silence Body Shamers Stories

Whitney Thore is a champion for the fat acceptance movement. She created the viral "A Fat Girl Dancing" video, which led her to further fame and exposure.

Hilary Gowan

5 Simple Exercises To Transform Your Body In 4 Weeks Stories

All of those TV ads for miracle exercise machines are just lies... How can you get in shape in any other way?

Hilary Gowan

These 19 Body Transformations Will Leave You Stunned Stories

Don't believe it? Then have a look at these amazing transformations and get inspired.

Jayson Beck

How To Dress For Your Body Type Stories

While all of our physiques are different in some way – although they're all kinda circular in the Western world - there are still distinct shapes and way to dress for them.

Josephine Thompson