The Reason This Boy Came To School With Completely Frozen Hair Will Leave You Heartbroken Stories

A kid from rural China is becoming an internet sensation after the pictures of his frozen hair started circulating social media.

Jayson Beck

"Please mommy, stop," Pleaded Boy Before Mom Burned Him To Death Stories

Shocking story - young boy burned alive and drowned by his mother, believing that he's a cannibal.

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Boy Dead From A Common Household Spice Stories

A common household spice may be more dangerous for your child than you think!

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8-Year-Old Boy Grows His Hair For 2 Years To Make Wigs For Kids With Cancer Stories

Little boy decides a to do a little bit more than reacting on social media, to help children suffering from cancer

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Fifth Grader Is Lighting Up Communities With Water Bottle Lightbulbs Stories

This young inventor noticed that several homes in the neighborhood didn't have lights on. When he learned that they lacked electricity, he started researching how to bring light to his poor

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Mom Puts The Crashed Car Of Her Teen To Raise Awareness About Dangers Of Cellphones Stories

On September 2, 2016, this Manchester High School senior Matt Reeves, 17, was driving his mother's car. His cell phone suddenly slid off the center console.

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