"Wedding" Photo Shoot That 5-Year-Old With Serious Heart Defect Dreamed Of Stories

“I offered maybe a few nights at an indoor water park resort if I could come up with some money,” she said online. However, Sophia's reply was “Mommy, I want to dress up and marry Hunter."

Josephine Thompson

Four Year Old Falls Out Of Moving Bus On The Highway Stories

If you're a 4-year-old, you're going to act as a 4-year-old would, and get into trouble. This girl from Springfield did just that...

Hilary Gowan

Hilarious Parenting Survival Guide That Will Help You Deal With Kids Stories

“When it comes to parenting, you have to remember that as hard as it can be, everything is normal. But most importantly, you have to laugh more than you cry.”

Josephine Thompson

Super Amazing Parenting Fails That Have Been Caught On Camera Stories

These proud bad parenting pioneers exist to make us feel better about our own failings in the field of parenting. Glad they shared their experiences online for us to point at them and laugh!

Josephine Thompson

'Toddlers And Tiaras' Inspire Mom To Spend Hundreds Of Dollars To Send Her Daughter To Pageants Stories

Enrika Milne, 26, from the Isle of Sheppey, Kent, who spends two to three hours preparing her daughter Arielle with make-up for pageants, is battling accusations of sexualising her daughter.

Josephine Thompson

High-Fat Diet While Pregnant Causes Irreversible Depression In Babies Stories

Researchers show that mothers who eat a high fat diet while they're expecting are likelier to give birth to children with mental health issues.

Josephine Thompson

Divorce Linked To Childhood Obesity Stories

"They tend to have kids at an earlier age, spend money instead of saving, and seek immediate gratification from food."

Josephine Thompson

The Incest Diary Shocks Readers With Story Of Girl Abused By Father And Liking It Stories

*The Incest Diary* is a book about one woman - the anonymous author - who claims that her father started abusing her when she was three years old, and it carried on into her twenties.

Josephine Thompson

10 Parenting Hacks That Help Raise Children On The Cheap Stories

Is it economically viable to raise a child these days? Do you really care? However, every little bit that's ingenious or helps raise the child better helps.

Josephine Thompson

3 Reasons To Stop Making Empty Promises To Kids Stories

Internet folk have a lot of advice to give on all aspects of parenting, because statistically, some parent out there has had the same or at least similar problem that you have.

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16 Hilarious Recreations Of Childhood Photos Stories

People love recreating their childhood pictures. Part of the fun is presenting yourself in a silly situation that only a child would put themselves in.

Jayson Beck

15 Kids Acting Hilariously Cute Stories

Some of the stuff kids do is extremely adorable. Ah, to be so unspoiled and happy once more... Well, we can't do that, but we can look at children's antics on the Internet!

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