Amazing Photos Of Volcano Eruption In Philippines Will Leave You Breathless Stories

It's nice to live in a country where tornadoes, typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcano eruptions don't happen. Philippines... don't really have that luxury.

Jayson Beck

9 Things You Should Know To Survive A Nuclear Attack Stories

For most of the Cold War, people lived under the permanent shadow of instant nuclear annihilation. Glad we survived that and no nukes had been unleashed in anger since the World War II

Jayson Beck

Drug Smuggling Briton Jailed In Egypt Secretly Changed Prisons Stories

When Roberta Synclair traveled to Qena to meet her jailed daughter Laura Plummer – imprisoned for three years in Egypt for smuggling tramadol, a synthetic opioid drug that can only be

Josephine Thompson

Vietnamese Bomb Victim Now A Model, Paralympic Hopeful Stories

Her parents committed suicide by detonating an explosive. They ended their lives because their affair would have never been accepted - and cost her both legs below the knee.

Josephine Thompson

Botched Eyelash Extensions Might Leave A Woman Lashless Stories

Emma Dhanjal, a salon owner in Australia, had to share a lash extension story so horrible, Australian Women's Health noticed it.

Lauren Freeman

Roller-Coaster Crash Victim Feared She Would Never Wear A Bikini Again Stories

“The first time I wore the bikini was so nerve-wracking," recounted Leah.

Hilary Gowan

Tourist In Flooded Nepal Rescued By Elephants Stories

Nepal has been hit by the worst rains in the decade, and even elephants are helping out to save trapped tourists.

Hilary Gowan