20+ Classical Pinup Drawings And Models That Inspired Them Stories

Look at some of his illustrations below, paired with the models that inspired them. Ask your grandparents, maybe they know some of the faces!

Jayson Beck

All-Female Garage Will Do Your Nails While Fixing Cars Stories

Usually, when you picture a garage, it's full of sweaty, oily men in dirty overalls, and all of them are named Bob. Girls Auto Clinic is something else, however.

Hilary Gowan

Driver Trying To Lure Three Young Girls Into His Van With Doughnuts Caught On Cam Stories

'Stranger danger ' is still a very important thing to teach your children and this article proves why!

Josephine Thompson

Plus Sized Model Takes Down A Body Shamer Stories

User @imleyton made a "funny" post about girls. He posted a picture of a slim girl and a plus sized girl, saying "Girls that I like vs Girls that like me." And that was a terrible mistake.

Jayson Beck

Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid And Other Member's Of Taylor Swift Sexy Squad Of Girlfriends! Stories

It does contain Victoria’s Secret models, highly-acclaimed actresses and loyal school friends (the rarest type of friend).

Lauren Freeman

The Internet Can't Tell Which Of These Sisters Is Over 40 - Neither Can You 😳 💐 Stories

Lure Hsu was all over the headlines two years ago when she appeared on TV an nobody could believe her youthful good looks - and this interior designer is 41 now!

Josephine Thompson