89-Year-Old Grandma Can't Stop Taking Selfies, Has An Expo Stories

You know who says that technology is for young people? Old people who don't want to have fun. And 89-year-old Japanese grandma Kimiko Nishimoto wants to have all the fun.

Jayson Beck

90-Year Old Grandma Hand-Paints Flowers On Houses In Her Village Stories

90 year old grandma still making a big difference in her community! And it's beautiful.

Josephine Thompson

93-Year-Old Goes On Facebook For Wedding Dress Advice Stories

This 93-years-old is getting married, and she's doing it in style! In fact, she wants to get the best dress she can, and not having a Pinterest catalog, she went on Facebook.

Lauren Freeman

Black Grandmother With Vitiligo Becomes A Model Stories

This 37 year-old African American mother of four (and a grandmother!) is going public to show that beauty doesn't care for the color of the skin.

Josephine Thompson

Mom Of Killed Goth Girl Pleads Against "Tide of Hate" Stories

Sophie was walking through Stuberlee Park in Bacup, Lancashire, with her boyfriend, when a gang of teen boys beat Robert unconscious, kicked and stamped on Sophie’s head and left her to die.

Josephine Thompson

Dad's Ex-Wife Surprisingly Praises His New Girlfriend Stories

"To all of the mothers out there who throw a fit when another woman treats your child as her own: why isn't that exactly what you want?"

Josephine Thompson

Mom Who Once Weighed Only 24 Pounds Due To Anorexia Turns Her Struggle Into Musical Stories

"The musical is called When Strawberries Are Not Enough, named because at one stage I was only eating 100 grams of strawberries three times a day," says Charley Williams.

Josephine Thompson

Square Dancing Chinese Grandmas Are Driving A Multi Billion Tech Boom Stories

Square dancing grandmas who get down to the latest electronic dance music hits are driving a tech boom in China!

Hilary Gowan

Woman Disguises Her Sick Grandma's Dog As A Baby To Smuggle It Into Hospital Stories

Shelby wanted to cheer her up by smuggling her Patsy dog into the hospital. Her grandmother missed her dog very much during her recovery.

Hilary Gowan

61 Year-Old Swimwear Ad Star Reveals Her Secrets Stories

Yazemeenah Rossi is just the kind of lady at 61 that can steal your boyfriend easily. This grandmother of two only got her modelling break at 45!

Hilary Gowan