SHOCKING: Woman Posts Abuse Selfies To Encourage Others To Seek Help Stories

If this makes even one woman or man decide to leave an abusive relationship the good deed is done

Josephine Thompson

32 Pictures Prove That Men Will Never Grow Up Stories

If you believe that being an adult is just being a horrible bore that's all about jobs and responsibilities, then you'll find that not all people agree with that and refuse to grow up.

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Loving Husband And Dad Illustrates The Joy Of Everyday Life With Heartwarming Illustrations Stories

Pascal Campion are some of those rogues that capture the essence rather moments in his art. Who needs photography when you can draw as well as he does?

Josephine Thompson

Husband Punches Wife For Getting "Likes" On Facebook Stories

Adolfina Camelli Ortigoza, 21, from Paraguay, was held against her will at her home by her 32-year-old husband, Pedro Heriberto Galeano, who beat her every time she got a like on her picture

Jayson Beck

15 Traits Of A Person You DON'T Want To Marry Stories

What are the 15 traits that may lead to an unhappy marriage? Take a look, maybe it will help you avoid the biggest mistake!

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Wife Crashes Her Own Funeral To Scare Husband Who Ordered Her Murder Stories

Wife returns to her own funeral to confront husband who ordered her kidnapping and murdering! Movie-worthy story!

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9 Apps That Might Indicate That Your Partner Is Cheating Stories

The digital age should have made cheating harder, right? Wrong! It has opened new opportunities for cheaters to hide their dirty deeds... Let's take a look at 9 examples of cheating apps.

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Woman Adopts Unwanted Dying Dog After Losing Her Husband Stories

When Melani Andrews walked into Front Street Animal Shelter and asked for "the oldest dog you have, and the one no one wants to adopt," they knew just what she wanted.

Hilary Gowan

Wife Lets Husband Pick Her Clothes For A Week Stories

One writer decided to let her husband dress her for a week. Maybe it will inspire some of your own fashion choices, too!

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