Photo Of Terminally Ill Grandpa Next To His Cancer-Stricken 5yo Granddaughter Will Break Your Heart Stories

Sean Peterson is terminally ill with motor neurone disease. He can't speak anymore - but he can still cry by the bedside of his five-year-old granddaughter.

Josephine Thompson

6 Alarming Signs Of Liver Damage That Should Scare You Stories

Here are some symptoms that show up if your gut filter is having some issues. See the doc if you have them!

Hilary Gowan

WHO Declares Medical Marijuana To Carry No Health Risks Stories

The World Health Organization is a legitimate health science organ and it has declared cannabidiol (CBD) - the relaxant property of cannabis in medical marijuana...

Jayson Beck

"Wedding" Photo Shoot That 5-Year-Old With Serious Heart Defect Dreamed Of Stories

“I offered maybe a few nights at an indoor water park resort if I could come up with some money,” she said online. However, Sophia's reply was “Mommy, I want to dress up and marry Hunter."

Josephine Thompson

7 Unexpected Symptoms Of Low Blood Iron Stories

Here are seven symptoms that might indicate that you have anemia. Best check with the doctor!

Lauren Freeman

23 Tips To Boost Your Immune System Stories

Do you have a lot of experiences of going from hot, as well as many other exciting ways to compromise your immune system and catch cold? So read on all the ways you can help yourself.

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Black Witch Says She Can Cure Cancer Stories

Savannah, who goes by nom-de-broom Black Witch S, claims her black magic spells have helped heal thousands of people via the power of Satan and his demons.

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8 Things That Eyes Can Say About Your Health Stories

The eyes are still a part of our body, meaning they can fail, and they're connected to many other systems from our bodies, which can also fail.

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Left After Getting Paralyzed, Woman Finds Love Again Stories

Riona Kelly's husband divorced her after she became paralyzed. But she describes this as “the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Lauren Freeman

Black Grandmother With Vitiligo Becomes A Model Stories

This 37 year-old African American mother of four (and a grandmother!) is going public to show that beauty doesn't care for the color of the skin.

Josephine Thompson

Jet2 Apologizes For Ruining Family's Vacation Via Bed Bugs Stories

The couple thought that the bites on their arms and legs were some allergy to some Spanish plants. But soon they found the bugs to be crawling under their beds.

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Neonatal Herpes And How This STD Affects Babies Stories

Neonatal herpes – a newborn baby is infected with the herpes virus – is where it can get scary.

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