20 Personal Challenges You Should Do In 2018 Stories

Just challenge yourself with one itemised list of things and if you carry on with it, your life will have improved eventually. Here are 20 challenges that you could – and should - try out!

Lauren Freeman

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Here are 8 facts you might have not known about Capricorns, but you wish you would have!

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Science Says Your Eye Color Does Show Your Personality Stories

Scientists at Orebro University in Sweden tested 428 participants and found that eye color is affected by the genes that form our frontal lobes - which means that people with the same eye col

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15 Things Every Sagittarius Will Understand Stories

Born between November 21st and December 21st, you're the most heavily armed of the astrological signs. Cancer might have his pincers, but he's got nothing on your bow!

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What The Shape Of Your Belly Button Says About Your Personality Stories

Well, we like to push the envelope here, so here are some semi-professional navel readings that will tell your personality from the shape of your bellybutton.

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15 Characteristics That Show You Might Belong To World’s Rarest Personality Type Stories

The Myers and Brigg’s system is the bomb when it comes for people determining their personality types online. And wouldn't you know, INFJ personality type is supposedly the rarest.

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Your Fingerprints Can Say A Lot About The True You Stories

Fingerprints can be reflective of the inner you, as they are formed and molded by the workings of your soul. So what do your finger prints say about you, huh?

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