Heartmelting Story Of Puppy Returned After Simon Cowell Offered $14K Reward Stories

Letter to a Santa Claus becomes a miracle for a one small boy!

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Golden Retriever Unwraps A Puppy For Christmas Stories

Take a look how the Golden Retriever named Cash, 12, unwrapped his present...

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Woman Who Adopted A Fox Warns Others Stories

"We're very fortunate that we have the stuff to keep him here but it's not something I would advise in any way," said Natalie.

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15 Genius Ideas To Protect Christmas From Cats And Dogs Stories

we all know that animals are hardcore 17th century puritans. That's why they attack Christmas trees: they hate the symbol of the celebration that is not in the Bible, has suspicious pagan...

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10 Cats Wearing Hats Made From Their Own Fur! Stories

Why not make cats hats of their own fur?

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30 Baby Animals Will Overload You On Cuteness Stories

Everyone likes baby animals: their moms, your mom, you, your friends, everyone on the Internet. Be they tiny, tiny kittens or not-so-tiny elephants, animal babies are extremely adorable.

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10+ Baby Chinchillas That Are Just Too Cute Stories

Are rodents cute? Surprisingly, yes, especially when they’re small.

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15 Hilarious Doggie Facial Expression Stories

Why do we love dogs? Is it their undying loyalty that inspires many? Maybe it has something to do with their tireless efforts to keep us happy and safe.

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Depressed Dog Gets New Lease On Life After Visiting The Beach Stories

Greyhound Lou was adopted from a shelter. However, the doggie could not get his spirits up: the previous owner had mistreated him harshly and Lou had difficulty finding joy in life.

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9 Reasons Why Dogs Lick What They Lick Stories

You don't have those issues with the cat – cats barely lick anything but themselves - but dogs lick every day. So what are the specifics of doggie licking habits and where do they come from?

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South Korean Tattoo Artist Turns Pet Portraits Into Awesome Tattoos Stories

Jiran is one of these outlaw tattoo artist. Based in Seoul, Jiran specializes in pet-themed in ink. The artist takes portraits of pets and transforms them into wonderful, whimsical tattoos.

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A Lot Of Kitties Sitting On Small Chairs! Stories

These felines appear to like their tiny seating arrangements very much. Tiny chairs are fun by themselves and they're much better with cats on them. So read on and d'awww yourself to bliss.

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The Hilarious Story of This Dogs Brand New Smile! Stories

One day, the owner of Pandora dog saw her running around with something in her mouth. “I couldn’t see what it was, so I called her in. When I lifted her head, I almost died from laughing."

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10 Adorable Pets Next To Horrible Mess They Made Stories

In fact, pets are more than capable of messing up our homes! Here are some of them cat red-pawed!

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19 Dog Pictures That Prove That Big Is Best Stories

If a small dog is good, than having more of the dog is better! It's bigger, so it's cuddlier, better suited at protecting you and can bring you bigger things. What's not to like about that?

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Photos Of Kitty Paws That Will Make You Go “Awww” And Chase A Cat Stories

There’s no denying the fact that the cat has conquered the Internet and our hearts.

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Hosico Makes Everyday Caturday Stories

The Internet is the greatest cat picture delivery vehicle in the world. Hosico is one of the cats that rule it.

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Seal Overjoyed With A Toy Version Of Itself Stories

A seal in Mombetsu Land, an attraction in Hokkaido district (Japan) was given a seal plushie. And the animal can't contain its joy!

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