Have A Cat? Here Are 10 Scientific Reasons Why It's Good For You Stories

Yes, here we have 10 reasons why having a cat is actually good for you – all verified by science. So read on and submit to your feline overlords.

Jayson Beck

Science Shows Men With Older Brothers Are More Likely To Be Gay Stories

Of the several identifiable factors influencing male sexuality, professor Tony Bogaert from Brock University and his team dubbed "fraternal birth order effect."

Jayson Beck

Greenland Shark Swims For 400 Years, Matures At 150 Stories

A team of scientists lead by University of Copenhagen has discovered that Greenland shark can live for 400 years, with one female estimated to be 392 years old. That means that there might...

Jayson Beck

Science Says Your Eye Color Does Show Your Personality Stories

Scientists at Orebro University in Sweden tested 428 participants and found that eye color is affected by the genes that form our frontal lobes - which means that people with the same eye col

Lauren Freeman

Science Says Parents Love First Child More Stories

In an effort to solve the question of which of the siblings parents like more, a scientific study questioned 384 siblings. They had no more than a 4 year gap between them. Scientists asked..

Josephine Thompson

Science Says Putting Christmas Lights Early Makes You Happier Stories

We all might complain about shops starting the whole Christmas thing super early - but that might not be a bad thing!

Lauren Freeman

Humans Love Dogs More Than People Says Science Stories

Do you like your dog more than your friends? Well, you're not the only like that. A team from Northeastern University Boston and the University of Colorado Boulder published...

Hilary Gowan