10 Old Wive's Tricks That Still Work

Josephine Thompson


Old wives tales is a derogatory term used to dismiss common folksy knowledge that usually doesn't apply to modern day. I don't really remember any at this point, but if there's some "lifehack" that your grandma used to use that doesn't work today, it might be a old wife's tale.

However, some of those tricks totally work today. Here are several that you can really start using as soon as you finish reading, liked and shared this article. This will make your grandma feel a lot better about herself and it will make your life smoother, too.


Aspirin in the water makes roses last longer

Chrysanthemums, carnations, gladioli, and roses can be preserved longer by adding aspirin to their water. For daffodils, add a pinch of salt. Meanwhile, dahlias love vinegar for some reason.



Rubber bands help kids hold the pen the right way

If you need to teach your kid to hold the pen the right way, use a rubber band. Put it on the hand, attach the pen to with the cap facing to the wrist and turn it 180°. The pen will now hold the correct position



Salt vs. grease stains

Dropped a blob of grease on your clothing? Sprinkle the stain with salt, wait for it to absorb most of the grease and shake. This will destroy smaller stains and make bigger ones easier to wash.

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Dilute dried nail polish with nail polish remover.

You can make your dried nail polish bottle come back to life with several drops of polish remover. Don't overdo it as to not water it down too much.



Salted water cleans burned pans

Add a few tablespoons of salt to water, boil it for 15 minutes and then use it to clean your greasy, burned pans.



Lemons clean juice from fingers

The purple coloring from beets and berries are best cleaned with lemon juice... or by rubbing your hands with a piece of lemon.

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Salted water saves boiled eggs.

Put salt in your water to prevent egg whites from leaking when boiling eggs.



Boiled knifes don't break bread

Put your knife blade into boiling water – or pour it from a kettle – then wipe it off and cut your bread into smooth slices.



Potatoes against inflammation.

If you take a small potato, wash it, cut it in half and attach the cut side to a clean wound or bite, it will reduce itching and inflammation while also moisturizing the wound.



Cardinal directions via wristwatch

Take your wristwatch and rotate it so that the hour hand face the sun. Divide the angle between the hour hand and number 1 in half. Now you have the line pointing to south.



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