12 SUTBLE Signs Of Cheating

Hilary Gowan


Life is different from movies and you'll probably learn about your significant other having an affair through circumstances that are less than comedic. However, there are small signs that you can be on the look out - thus declares TV body language expert Judi James.


Phone behaviour changes

Getting a second cellphone or hurrying to knock their original one out of your hands is a sign. Leaving the room to take calls, never turning their phone off and/or receiving texts 24/7 also indicate that they might be cheating. Same goes for all of their communication devices being locked.



Alpha-ing up

New sexual flattery and interest that he's receiving might reboot his alpha male behaviour. Women might start wearing younger, sexier clothing.


More demands in the bed room

Cheating sex can power up libido, and give them new skills to try out, so you're not off the sex leash yet. They also will have increased sexual confidence (I mean, it wouldn't be cheating if they were just playing chess), so they might feel safer about being demanding and critical in bed.



More staring

The cheater will be likely thinking whether to leave you or not. Thus they will scrutinize you more, to see if you measure up against the competition. Don't mistake that for loving gazes!


Avoiding eye contact

Expect an increase in cut-offs, where they look away as soon as you look at them. Eye behaviour is one of those tells that are cliche because they're true.



Changing voice

If people are feeling sexy, their voice will sound deeper. So if you think that they have dropped in tone for the phone call, they might be on a booty call!


Increased Hygiene

More showering and dry cleaning can be a way to clean traces of their lover's scent from their body and clothes. New perfumes and aftershaves can be a good way to mask it all, writing off the unusual smells as their new buys.



Pajama returns

People who usually sleep nude might start wearing pajamas and slipping into bed with the lights out because they want to hide love bites, scratches and other signs of unsanctioned fun.


Anxiety signaling

Cheating is essentially lying, and that's not an easy thing to do constantly. Fast blinking, shallow, rapid breathing, foot-tapping or fiddling rituals can be on the increase. Make sure to notice quick swings between emotional extremes, too.



Teen again

New partners make most cheaters feel young again, which leads to new tates in music, food, movies and drinks.


Vanishing people

If they used to tell you about a colleague or a friend constantly, but then suddenly stopped, they might be cheating on you (with them). This is another way they try to hide the fact that they're cheating.


Public Displays Of Gone

PDAs get rarer, as they want to avoid getting spotted by their lover, so might not even know they're party to infidelity! So if they stopped all the kisses, putting arms around you or hand-holding while in public, that might just be the case.



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