3 Expert Rules For Good Fat Loss

Josephine Thompson


Weight loss: it's not fun and nobody really wants to do it, but do it we must, if we want to remain pretty and healthy. Of course, there are almost uncountable methods, tips and tricks that are supposed to make fat loss fast, efficient and effortless. Naturally, all of them are false, because fat loss isn't an easy thing. If it was, I'd be as lean as my BMI wants me to be. However, there are certain best practices to follow that will make your fat loss faster. Follow them and you might get in shape for the summer.


Intensive Training

Anaerobic exercise is what you want to get your metabolism going – and keep it going even after you leave the gym! Here's what you can do to engage the "burn mode:"

1. Heavy weightlifting (you won't bulk up)
2. High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
3. Full-body circuit workouts
4. Some combo of the above



Strength Training

If you have muscles, you burn fat more efficiently and longer. Even when you're resting, your burning more calories than your less muscular peers. So don't be afraid to pack some bulk.



Eat Well

Unsurprisingly, food is an important part of your weight loss routine. So stop eating crap and start eating stuff that builds muscle and burns fat. Doesn't sound easy or fun? Well, like we said: weight loss is neither easy, nor fun, but the results are worth it.


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