61 Year-Old Swimwear Ad Star Reveals Her Secrets

Hilary Gowan


Yazemeenah Rossi is just the kind of lady at 61 that can steal your boyfriend easily. This grandmother of two only got her modelling break at 45, but has now been featured in photo shoots and collections of a wide array of designers and agencies. Most recently, she appeared in a swimsuit shoot collaboration between online store The Dreslyn and Land of Women line of clothing. They just can get enough of her youthful looks and vigor.

Her secret? Well, it's all about living healthy! "I never eat processed, frozen, microwaved or low-fat foods," she said in an online interview. "Most of the time, I eat organic food and cook it fresh every day. I eat mostly vegetables, fruits, nuts and some good-quality fish and meat. I always lived a more or less healthy lifestyle. Year after year I’ve refined my awareness of what’s good for me and what’s not. But happiness is what makes you glow, not just the healthy food you put in your body."


Yazemeenah shows that you don't need to be young to be a model.


At 61, she's a grandmother of two and a swimsuit model.


Designers at The Dreselyn and Land Of Women wanted to emphasize beauty and nature rather than over sexualize their line.


"This woman radiates health and energy. She is confident and absolutely stunning," said one of the representatives of the companies.


Not bad for a lady who got into modeling at 45!


Yazemeenah is actually pretty famous for her gray hair.


However, her secret for looking that good might upset you.


She's all about eating healthy, exercising daily, but also about giving herself a break now and again.


And that's how you get to look that good at any age.


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