8 Stylist Techniques That Help You Look Younger

Lauren Freeman


If beauty salons didn't make us look prettier, we wouldn't go there! And one of the ways to look more beautiful is to look younger! That's the trick, isn't it? Turning the clock backwards isn't the easiest of tasks, yet we have been working feverishly towards that goal for years.

Well, this has paid off for stylists! They know some easy tricks to make you look better without having a degree makepeoplelookgoodology. Here are some of those tips and tricks that you can try out at home.


Full lower lip

For ladies, a large upper lip makes them look older. However, having a full lower lip makes the face look younger and more naive.



Highlighted eyebrow baseline

You should deffo highlight your eyebrow baseline! use either a highlighter or the brightest eyes shadows you can get your hands on.



High cheekbones

As skin becomes less elastic with age, facial features tend to lose their definition. And high cheekbones aren't that common with women to begin with. Well, you can use smart make up or cosmetic injections to help with. Unfortunately, injections are definitely something you should not try at home.



Small earlobes

Earlobes exist and they become larger from wearing heavy earrings, making you look older. Nourishing cream and lighter earrings will make them look better even without expensive and invasive laser procedures or injections.



Natural skin color

Tanned skin makes you look a few years older, since wrinkles are easier to see. Ultraviolet rays are also harmful to your skin.



Some wild hair

Perfect hair makes you look older, unless you're a girl with an ideal face and perfect skin. Leave the tips a bit uneven, show some unkempt hair, or maybe just curl them a little.



Natural hair color

Bright color is the hair color of the youth, same goes with natural dark. Unnatural blondness or darkness actually makes you look older!



Natural-ish eyebrows

Do less of eyebrow shaping to make your face look younger, brighter! Just don't stop shaping entirely.



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