93-Year-Old Goes On Facebook For Wedding Dress Advice

Lauren Freeman


Most grandma's make a big thing of not knowing how to use a computer or what internet is. Sylvia Martin isn't one of them. This 93-years-old is getting married, and she's doing it in style! In fact, she wants to get the best dress she can, and not having a Pinterest catalog, she went on Facebook. Her sweetheart, Frank, had proposed to her multiple times. Yet she refused every one: she thought that changing her surname would be disrespectful to her dead husband.

A year ago, Sylvia got ill, which prompted a move to Canberra to be closer to her family. Frank thought it was the end to their story. But Sylvia recovered and convinced him to move to Canberra, too. And the next time he proposed, she said yes, because she had found out she could lawfully keep surname in marriage. So here are the four dresses she wants to choose from.

Dress 1: A burgundy two-piece dress, long sleeves and a square neckline. Simple!


Dress 2: A black and floral print, three-quarter sleeves and a modest v-neck. The playful option!


Dress 3: A lace overlay burgundy dress in a-line style, three-quarter sleeves and a round neck. Some classy classic!


Dress 4: A cape dress in red, full sleeves and a high collar: the trendy option.



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