Look At Your Feet: They Can Tell A Lot About Your Personality

Josephine Thompson


Feet are those oblong things at the end of your legs that are so useful in keeping your shoes from falling off. You have up to five toes for additional flexibility and heel to turn on (it's also keeping the people selling scrubbing stones in business). So, you know, it's not a very exiting piece of body unless you get hurt/are Quentin Tarantino.

However, there are things to be determined from taking a glance at your foot - and that's more than just an inspection for fungal infection! Your personality can be reflected in the shape of your foot. Don't believe us? Read the article and find out!

Common/Roman foot

This foot shows someone who is balanced and well-proportioned in body shape. That kind of person is usually outgoing and sociable, always open to new experiences. This is the foot of a traveler!

Flame/Fire/Greek foot

If the second toe is longer than the rest, the foot likely belongs to an active, sporty and creative person. You encourage others and motive those around you. You might also be impulsive.

Square foot

If all of your toes are basically of the same length and your foot looks somewhat rectangular, then you have the 'Peasant Foot.' This shape implies that your like to examine every decision relentlessly. This makes you reliable and practical, if somewhat slow/

Stretched foot

The foot is elongated, featuring toes with a fused based and a tapered big toe. Private people possess this type of foot, though it is also seen among those who are impulsive.


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