Manicurist Hacks Nails Over A Price Spat

Lauren Freeman


We all hope to leave a beauty salon looking better than we came in. Katie Bennett, 33-year-old customer service manager, experienced the opposite. She went to Cinderella's Cute-Icle and Beauty Room salon in Essex, where she complained about the application of acrylic nail extensions. Katie thought they weren't thick enough and that the angle was wrong. "I said I wasn't happy to pay for them in the state they are in. The original manicurist said she would take them off and started hacking. Then I tried to leave saying she was hurting me," said Katie. "I told her I would go home and soak them off properly.

"Then she got up and ran to the door saying she thought I'd go home and paint them. I said I wouldn't. So I tried to be reasonable and sat back down. I thought that once she took the tops off, she would soak off the rest so I took a deep breath and just stayed sat down and asked her to be careful. source

She got the electric file and she started hacking them off. I said, 'please slow down, you are hurting me' and she wouldn't. I said it again and said, 'I don't want you to damage my nails and hands'," remarked Katie. "It hit such a nerve with me. I've been doing customer service for the last ten years and that's not how you do it. She was so rude and it was so embarrassing. I was really surprised. I get that it can be stressful when customers aren't satisfied, but that is the worst way to treat, not just a customer, but anyone."


Cinderella's Cute-Icle and Beauty Room salon disputes her claim, however. "There was a complaint like that, but it is very exaggerated and very, very different to what happened on that day," a manager said in an online interview. "The lady, which is my mother actually, dealt with that and we were both here at the time. There was absolutely nothing wrong with her nails. She didn't want to pay the £35 that was due and basically she said she would go home and soak them off."


"We said, no we would take them off and she said, well just cut them then or file them, and that is what we did. Now she's gone and done this, this is crazy," she continued. "There are so many untruths. They were filed off, they were filed away and she got up and left and didn't let us finish the work. They are acrylic nails that are half taken off. She left our shop and didn't let us finish our work with her, I have seen those pictures actually and of course they are going to look like that if she's not letting us finish."


"There is a lynch mob out there actually that are really damaging us. You could send someone in here for acrylic nails and they would be extremely happy, like a genuine customer. We've got genuine customer surveys in our shop that are voted five stars and people are very, very happy, but people like this will put us out of business and we are already suffering a bit."



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