Mom Charges Each Family Member $40 For Christmas

Josephine Thompson


Gemma Andrews, 33, British mother of four, charges her family members £30 (that's $40) per head for the Christmas dinner! She explains that it was her grandparents-in-law who were the first ones to offer to pay for the feast that Gemma had been preparing for ten years now. She acts as a chef because she can control the dishes according to the severe food allergies that plague her son.

Gemma says she cooks for 16 people. This has gotten more expensive over the years, so she upped the price from £10 to £30.


"No one has ever had an issue." she said on a TV show. "The alcohol content has gone up as more children become adults, there are more people who have had children."


The budget also allows for gifts – it is, after all, Christmas! "Everyone gets a present. It’s literally open house. People come at 10am and leave at 10pm," she said. Even her ex-husband and his family joins in - including paying the costs!


Some of Gemma's friends from NHS also drop by, since they don't have time to cook anything special.


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