Moms: The Amazing 7 Tips You Need To Know How To Survive Summer Pregnancy

Josephine Thompson


We all like to plan our lives, as nobody likes to deal with curve balls. Said complications are usually not that fun, else we wouldn't be worried by them. And as blissful as motherhood might seem, pregnancies are another thing altogether. And, as one might suspect, they don't always happen when you want! And even then, they last quite a while.

So chances are that a part of your pregnancy will take part during the summer period of your part of the globe. And the summer is liable to put even more stress on your already overburdened system. But not all is doom and gloom! Here are 7 tips that will help you weather summer pregnancies.



Less Salt

You might want to indulge in chips as well as adding salt to everything. No! Don't do it! Using less salt is a great way or reducing swelling and inflammation in summer. Just use more spices while remembering that totally eliminating salt would be bad, as baby needs the iodine.



Swim More

Lakes, pools, and beaches are a great way of reducing your body temperature and regulating internal thermostat. Swimming also reduces sciatical pain.



Hydrate Yourself

Pregnant women should hydrate no less than... less pregnant people. It helps digestion, battles joint paint and fatigue.



Get enough rest

One of the most important things for you to do is to sleep at least eight hours a day. If you have trouble sleeping, ask doctors to help you sleep.



Dress Lightly

Lightweight, breathable clothing will help you deal with the heat so much better. Cotton bras, tank tops, short, cotton skirts and dresses all work.



Eat Refreshing Snacks

Have ample of snacks that help you stay hydrated and cooled. Watermelon, frozen grapes, smoothies and popsicles work quite well!




You need to water the outside you, too! Summer heat reduces skin moisture, and when that skin stretches due to weight gain, you could get itchy. Use moisturizing shower products, apply lotions and creams.



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