What Fast Food You Should Never Eat According To Fast Food Workers

Lauren Freeman


My rule of the thumb for food is that if it's tasty, it's unhealthy. I find that this rule does wonders, especially, when applied to food like desserts, snacks and so on. Unfortunately, it also implies that tofu and broccoli are the healthiest foods of all time. This also spells doom for fast food, the tastiest food of all. However, there's more to harmful fast food than just bad dietary choices. Fast food employees have taken to reddit to talk about what kinds of fast food you shouldn't order and where!


Fried prawns at an ice cream shop

Seafood is finicky in seafood restaurants. Ordering it at a place that doesn't deal with seafood exclusively means putting yourself at a risk – and giving the kitchen staff a hell of a day, as one user compared the smell of fried prawns to a graveyard.



Teriyaki chicken

Teriyaki chicken takes a long time to cook, so many places only make as much chicken as they predict to have that day, at least according to reddit users. This means that you can get some day old chicken!



Banana ice cream

You might make banana ice cream as a way to get your sugar craving fix at home. However, as reddit users said, ordering it at a store means never getting it with the right texture, as workers say it's hard to make.



Mexican salad

If you order Mexican salad at a pizza chain, you'll make your kitchen staff hate you. Thanks to the different cuisines present, the salads will get an odd mix of food in them.



Pepperoni pizza

One user recounted a tale of working at a pizza chain where managers were very particular about how much pepperoni went on each pizza. The sausage had to be measured with measuring cups, with 35 slices going on a normal and 80 on a family pizza. Getting each slice hand counted is a great way to increase risk of germ.



Grilled chicken

Some places will make grilled chicken by microwaving it and placing it on the grill for grill marks. And do you want to pay restaurant prices for the microwaved chicken?




McDonald's doesn't serve McFlurrys in the summer because the things melt instantly. The summer version of it would be just sugary milk.



Starbucks’ frappucinos

Baristas hate making the famous Starbuck's frappucinos. “Most of them just seem like they’re made to be Instagram-ready,” wrote one user. “I frequently find ones that have barely been touched in the bin.” Users will usually ask for something else to be made after just taking a sip.




If you order a sub that's not toasted aside from the meat, you're forcing the employees to deal with hit meat. They not only have to separate the meat from the bread, they are then also forced to deal with the trouble of assembling it.



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