What The Shape Of Your Belly Button Says About Your Personality

Oliver Brown


People like to say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. And it's kinda true, since you can judge a person's mood just by looking in their eyes. Heck, you can almost read their personality in their eyes or the wrinkles that collect around them. Nobody says that your bellybutton is the window for your soul.

But what if it is? Well, we like to push the envelope here, so here are some semi-professional navel readings that will tell your personality from the shape of your bellybutton. That's why you should never post pictures of them online. Scammers might try to steal your personality that way!


1. Protruding Navel

This is a sign of strong character, meaning that you're stubborn, persevering person. However, those opinions and ways were formed only after you had put a lot of thought into them. You're also a fan of public attention. And while it will take you some time to find a good partner, your relationship can be expected to last.

2. Big and Deep Bellybutton

Big buttons – big hearts! You are very generous and you hide your troubles from other people. You also tend to treat them nicely while your experiences make you prudent.

3. Shallow and Small Navel

You have a dark streak to your personality. You can be trusted to keep a secret – which means you get to know a lot about the negative sides of your friends. You are unlikely to trust people that are not your friends or relatives. This means that you are very secretive.

4. Downward Navel

A downward belly button shows your low energy level... for manual labor. You're more than excited to take on tasks that require your intelligence. The fact that you're lazy when it comes to manual labor means that you work smarter rather than harder.

5. Oval Belly Button

This shape shows that you're hyperactive – and overly-sensitive. You can't stay in one spot and you need to be doing stuff all the time. You always find new activities since the old ones bore you. However, you are easy to hurt, and you choose to be silent about your pain.

6. Wide Belly Button

You are always on the ball, always ready for whatever happens. You also don't trust other people easily. On the other hand, people who you trust become really important. And in the end, you treat people like they treat you.


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