You'll Be Surprised To Learn What The Shape Of Your Lips Says About You

Lauren Freeman


They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. But what about the lips, the prominent feature of the face that rims the mouth, and is responsible for making all sorts of sounds? What can lips say about the person in a world where lipsticks exist?

Apparently, they can say quite a bit, or so the lip reading experts say. While this isn't a treatise on the art/science of reading into a person's lips, it's a great guideline of just what people can expect by examining your lips closely. Read on and be prepared!

Naturally full lips

If your lips are naturally and evenly plump on both top and bottom, you are a caring, empathetic person. You care about other selflessly and find great joy in it. You also maintain close circles of friends that mean a lot to you.


Thin lips

If both of your lips are thin, then you're a loner, rather timid but self-reliant. that doesn't mean they can't be good romantic partners, tho!


Lips plump out in the center

A plump lip center is the mark of someone who likes to be in the spotlight, the center of attention. Those people seek fun and excitement, as those are the ways you get most of your life.


Lips with a peaked Cupid's bow

If your lips feature a peaked Cupid's bow, you are a creative person, blessed not only with creativity, but also great memory. This helps you maintain your social networks!


Lips with a rounded Cupid's bow

A rounded Cupid's bow indicates a sensitive and caring person. They get easily upset by injustice and misfortune.


Lips without a defined Cupid's bow

Responsibility and reliability is the name of the game for people with an undefined Cupid's bow. They are a giving kind of people, but they might lack the sense of emotional boundaries.


Goldilocks lips

Goldilocks lips are ordinary, being neither thick nor thin, possessing a standard pout. They mark people who have balance, and ability to listen to others.


Artificially enhanced lip

Chinese face reading believes that all facial features are representations of you personality. Altering a feature - say, lips - disrupts the sinchronicity of it. Changing your lips is a sing of selfishness and being needy.



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