Your Character Type: We Can Tell It By Your Eyebrows

Lauren Freeman


If eyes are the windows of your soul, then your eyebrows are... windowsills of the soul? Yeah, I bet it's something like that. Why am I not a published book author, again? Oh, that's right, because you have eyebrows and they tell something about you.

Yeah, it's totally a thing that you can tell a lot about a person's personality from their eyebrows. Don't believe me? Read on and see how it matches up!

Ordinary eyebrows

If your eyebrows are of a medium width and distance from each other, they show a commitment to traditional values as well as integrity of character. Others like being with you because you're not prone to dramas.


Extra-long eyebrows

You can withstand any stress that befalls you - and you are very sociable to boot. Your internal resources are boundless, almost like your range of interest. You usually solve your problems alone – and hardly ever share them with others.


Short eyebrows

Short eyebrows are indicative of attention to details and willingness to stand your ground. You sometimes find it hard to cope with life's challenges, yet you don't like hearing others complain about it. You can totally overcome any adversity.


Thick eyebrows

You have no doubts about your attractiveness as well as inner strength. You easily cope with conflicts. You’re unstoppable once you're set on your goal. You don't care much about what others think about you, as you are a free spirit interested in living your life to the fullest.


Thin eyebrows

There's innate delicacy to you. In fact, you are skilled at avoiding conflicts – on the other hand, you are a deft listener and very compassionate to others.


High-arched eyebrows

Sensitive and selective in communication – that's you. Some people might think you are self-centered or arrogant, but that's just the false first impression. You open up to people only when you fully trust them. That's more than natural when you're such a perfectionist and self-critical!


Low-arched eyebrows

You are a trustworthy person. Combine that with an engaging personality, and it's small wonder that people like you can build serious, long lasting relationships.


Triangular eyebrows

You are always thinking on your feet, being a dynamic personality with lightning reflexes. You are hard to keep up with, but people never get bored with your company. You're a natural leader as you inspire others and take up responsibility.


Rounded eyebrows

You are marked by kindness and attentiveness. You listen to the problems of others and are always ready to help those in need.


Almost straight eyebrows

Your analytical mindset and inclination for rational thinking are obvious. You're also adept at cutting through the bull and facing the uncomfortable truths.


"Diagonal" eyebrows

You have strong emotions and passions playing in your soul. This lead you to leaving a lasting impression on everyone you meet. You know what you want from life - and the quickest path to success.


Barely visible eyebrows

Unfortunately, you are insecure. You doubt your own character and abilities, leaving you timid and shy. You're neither aggressive, nor assertive.



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